What I Talk about when I Talk about Travelling...

Referring to a book favourite ("What I Talk about when I Talk about Running" by Haruki Murakami) because it's the best example of the spirit I want to follow in this blog... talk about travelling, and from there, about anything that matters.


Budapest Puzzle

No place is boring for the curious eyes of a traveller

Any day can be a voyage, just act like an observant traveller and don't let routine take control over your daily life.

Budapest is fascinating. I've been living here for two decades and it still surprises me all the time. I collect experiences and fit them piece by piece into my Budapest jigsaw.


World Puzzle

Travelling the world is all about alternatives

In every new place, I try to get a grip on particularities: local habits, lifestyle, mentality. I always toy with the idea of settling down for longer, just to get the real local experience.

I see these observations as pieces of alternative realities: imaginary lives, chances for a different "me" in each place.

Shadow of Volcanoes

Sun, rain, fog, a rainbow in the end

Sit on the Iron Throne

Palpable fantasy worlds

Visual Abundance

I still remember the times when I had to decide on images before taking them so that I wouldn't run out of film too soon. Now, the anguish comes later, after shooting, with the abundance of images to keep or let go, 'cause an article can only hold so many...

But then, there's always the gallery page 🙂